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The Historic Augusta Museum features priceless items from Augusta's rich history. Explore generations of books, photos, and amore all in one place. Our exhibits display beautiful antiques and clothing from decades past. Immerse yourself into
a world from another time.

See the historically preserved home life of the Sehrt family in the bedroom where they slept. Then, head downstairs to explore the  workshop and tools of the town blacksmith.

In addition to the preserved historic building, see generations of antiques and books from Augusta's residents over the years.


Learn more from the town historian!

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Share your ideas! If you have ideas, interesting pieces of history (photos, stories, antiques, etc), or simply want to be a part of the community, we'd love you to join us! Share your pieces or knowledge of history by joining us for a meeting. To join or attend the next meeting, learn more info at the email below.

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Opening Soon for the Summer!

The historic museum is gearing up to open for the season! Stay tuned for updates on what days, months, and hours we'll be open. You can also schedule appointments for your group or class by contacting us at the email below!

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