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Celebrating 200 years!

Centennial Farms 

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Meet Ellen, owner of Centennial Farms

Friends of Historic Augusta member Ellen Knoernschild is the owner and our resident expert on the nationally registered historic Centennial Farms. Hear her story and learn how Centennial Farms has existed throughout 200 years!


Meet Ellen Knoernschild!

"The farm has been owned and operated by our family since 1854. We represent the fourth generation and our grandson Gabe Wright, who manages the farm, represents the sixth generation. Our first orchards were planted in 1969 on what had been a grain and livestock farm.

We offer a “taste of history” along with seasonal fruit and good things made in our farm kitchen. Come visit our market in the 160-year old timber framed barn which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places."

– Ellen Knoernschild, Owner
– Gabe Wright, Manager

A Closer Look at the House

More history on Centennial Farms

Fun Times on Centennial Farms!

Visit Centennial Farms in Augusta!

Centennial Farms is open in the Summer and Fall for people to visit, pick pumpkins from their patch, and more fun.

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