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Historic Augusta


Welcome to our history.

Augusta, Missouri is rich in history from before the civil war to present day. 

Once a house belonging to the Sehrt family, the Augusta History Museum is now home to antiques, photos, books, furniture, and more that showcases the rich history of our town. 

Augusta MO Events Augusta MO Museum Sehrt House History.jpeg

Open House Events

  • Sunday June 4: Honoring Our 

  • Sunday July 2: Open House Tours

  • Sunday August 6: Open House Tours

  • Sunday September 3: Open House Tours

  • Sunday October 1: Oktober Fest


Visit, learn, enjoy.

Interested in historical buildings, tools, clothes and more? Visit our museum!

Our museum features authentic antiques dating back to pre-civil war times. Explore the rooms the Sehrt family of nine children lived in, and discover how the community lived through the decades.


Become a member.

If you have a love for history and want to preserve it, become a member!

Anyone can become a member of the Friends of Historic Augusta, a group dedicated to preserving historic buildings and antiques. If you'd like to show your support another way, we graciously accept donations here!

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